Hello, I'm a frontend developer based in India!

Sudhanshu Ranjan

( FrontEnd Developer / Designer )



I am a self taught front end developer based in India with a passion for building digital services/stuff. I have a knack for all things building products, from planning and designing all the way to solving real-life problems with code. When not online, I love watching docuseries.


The best way to learn something is to build some awesome projects based on what you have learnt. I also follow the same and make some cool projects using the technologies I have learnt.


2000Born in Gaya (Bihar), India.
2019Completed my Secondary School Education from British English School, Gaya, Bihar.
2020 to presentStarted the Bachelor's Program in the Electrical Engineering Department at National Institute of Technology, Patna.

I ♥

Anime, Documentry, Music, Books, Shows, Machine Learning.


  • Robotics Club (Joint Secretary)

    Robotics club at NIT, Patna

    • Contributed to official website of robotics club and currently maintaining it.
    • Worked on various IoT projects.
    • Organized events and guided peers.
  • Hackaruto (Founder & Tech Lead)

    An open source club affiliated to Hackclub

    • Founded Hackaruto Club
    • Designed and developed the official website of Hackaruto ( an open source club affiliated to Hackclub)
    • Organized sessions on hot topics like Web3, Open Source.
    • Conducted hands on session on Github fundamentals and guided juniors about Open Source.
  • HackSlash (Projects Lead)

    Coding club at NIT, Patna

    • Built Hack-Nitp (Hackathon) website.
    • Worked on full stack projects.
    • Made UI of 3 apps and Hackslash Website.
  • CESC (Web Coordinator)

    Civil Engineering Students Club at NIT, Patna

    • Built official website of CESC with backend and currently maintaining it.



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